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July 23rd, 2009, 06:52 AM
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July 23rd, 2009. CD 29. The ups and downs of TTC Month #1 so far. So during the 2ww I had all kids of symptoms, which I couldn't tell if they were all in my head, early PMS symptoms, or actual early pg symptoms. Some days I had myself convinced I was pregnant. Other days I was convinced I was crazy and that I was not pregnant! After all, the chances of conceiving in our first month of trying are SO low. Then on CD 27 (2-3 days before AF due date) early morning a sharp stabbing pain that doubled me over to the floor took me by surprise. Then moderate cramps and a bad headache all day. I was certain AF was making an early visit. I kept checking all day and expecting spotting or something more, but nothing. CD 28 another sharp, stabbing pain 1st thing in the morning and pink on the tp when wiping. "Ok, AF is here, I'm not pregnant" right? So mild cramps getting worse as morning went on and getting ready for work. Put on a pad, took some Advil (ahh kicking myself in the *** now for that one) and headed to work. Cramps never returned, even after Advil wore off and NO more blood, not even spotting, nothing. Now today is CD 29 and still no more signs of AF anymore. No cramps, no spotting, nothing. Now here I am I pregnant? Is AF just teasing me? What is it? I guess a few more days and I will no for sure. If AF does show, I'm ok with that, bummed, but fine, we just started trying, I know it can take some time. If she doesn't, I'm testing again on Sat. morning. BFP?? Who knows...this is all so confusing!!! If you are reading this, thanks for you support! for everyone!
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