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July 25th, 2009, 08:00 PM
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Compliment you have ever received?

I have 2. Last year my mil house swapped with someone in Vancouver and we were invited to join them. We were sitting out on the patio with some family friends of theirs. These friends, I love them! They are British, they moved to Canada when they were in there 20s or 30s and they are just wonderful to talk to. So we were sitting on the patio and I was talking to the woman and I was telling her about how I think I'm not so good about communicating and she said that she didn't for a second believe that and that from the conversations I've had with her she's discovered that I'm very articulate . It made me feel wonderful! I have a very high opinion of older British people so to me it was quite a high compliment. The second is a compliment from my very best friend. It may seem small to some people but it is huge to me. I think it is very important to honour commitments even if they are so small as telling someone you are going to visit them. A wee bit of back story is I used to know this person that in the space of a year, kept saying that she was going to drive the hour to come see me. It would get to be the day and I would get up early to make sure the house was spotless, re-arrange mine and my son's schedule to make sure he was awake and in a good mood for her and her kids and the hour before she was due to arrive at my door she would call and say oh, I was offered something else to do today, I'm not coming. This happened more than a few times... maybe once or twice a month for a year or so. Two weeks before my birthday we made plans for her and her husband and their kids to come over for lunch. I was excited because I figured we could be a bit fancy so we got up early to get some good food and stopped at a winery to get a nice bottle of wine. When we got home we discovered that this person had decided that they were in our town but they didn't want to bother coming to out house so they were going out to eat. Now I may be wrong but this person seems flaky, right? Some crazy stuff happened with her and her husband and I wanted to be there to comfort her but she wouldn't allow it. Later she told me it was because I was too flakey. Ummm..... Ok. Yeah that was a major insult. I try really hard to be organized, am never late and I am always there for people who I really care about. I was upset and told my best friend about it. (We have been friends for more than 20 years) She told me that I am the most stable and organized person she has ever known and that I am in no way flakey. I will love her forever for saying that, it was a wonderful thing to hear about myself from someone that has known me for 20+ years.

Do you have any that you remember and would like to share?

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