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July 26th, 2009, 02:06 PM
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Hi I am new to this forum, and had my second homebirth last september, the first the previous august and i am hoping to have another tin feb/march. One thing i didint count on with the second homebirth was how quickly i progressed, i couldnt beleive it when the midwife told me i was 10cm, so the one thing i didnt bank on was how easy it would be! How lucky is that!!!
Also it is very easy to feel a bit of a void after your homebirth, without the fanfare that goes with hospital births, the visitors the flowers the fussing nurses, and if elt this like the baby blueson the second day after baby was born, like why werent allthes epeople banging down my door with fluffy teddies and too big baby grows! But all in all they both have been the most amazing things to happen in my life, and i am hoping the third will be the same!
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