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July 26th, 2009, 03:28 PM
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Hi all, I have been reading all the birth stories here, amazing and glad my memory has been jogged on homebirthing, even though my last homebirth was only ten months ago!
I found out this week that I am expecting my fourth child, and have already booked my htird homebirth. I had a homebirth for my beautiful daughter last year, and the year before that i homebirthed my other beautiful daughter.
Perhaps it is because i am so early in my pregnancy, and also because it seems we, as women, forget so quickly the labour and subsequent months of having a newborn ( i seem to have forgotton alot, probably due to unearthly fatigue and baby brain!), but it seems i am slightly more nervous about this homebirth than i was the first or second. Maybe I am thinking i might not have the mental or physical strength, even though I know deep down i wouldnt have the strength to have a hospital birth by choice... or maybe it is because i have been so 'Lucky' (as i have been told many times, at having relaively pain fre uncomplicated and easy births, no tears or drama).. i dont know.. anyway i was hoping that maybe there are members here that have had three or more homebirths that can relate to this feeling. I should by all accounts have more confidence in myself and my body, but the often used phrase 'no two births are alike' etc. has got me thinking anyway... apart from that i cant wait, though i think haveing three under three years old is going to be so hard, so if any of you have experience of either, multiple homebirths, or multiple children over a short space of time id love to hear how you are doing, the ups and downs, and hopefully some words of wisdom that will help me get through the next 8 months without losing my marbles, thanks, louisatasha x
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