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July 28th, 2009, 07:48 AM
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Whenever the subject of names comes up, my husband's family usually mentions once or twice that they don't reuse first names often unless it's honoring thing.

Anyway....I have ALWAYS loved the name Gloria. Always! but anytime I bring it up my dh will mention he has/had (passed couple years ago) an Aunt by marriage named Gloria.

Well I was looking through so family tree stuff and noticed that he has a first cousin with the same exact first name as huis brother. The name wasn't honouring anyone either So this whole premise of never reusing a name was just an excuse.

Time for me to vamp up my efforts to make him fall in love with Gloria again.

I just love that name and if he would agree to it, I would be done looking.

Oh and just because...what do you guys think of Gloria? I was thinking of pairing it with a more modern floral to modern it up a bit

Gloria Jasmine
Gloria Yasmine
Gloria Sage
Gloria Delphine

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