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July 31st, 2009, 06:47 AM
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Annika Violet
Alessandra Noor
Alice Rhoswen
Anneliese Verity
Audrey Stella
Anouk Cordelia
Amity Gabrielle
Ava Temperance
Bridget Eulalia
Charlotte Diana
Ceridwen Faye
Cecilia Margaret
Cora Seraphine
Cynthia Maeve
Ebony Nadine
Elisabeth Dawn
Eloise Vivienne
Elise Vittoria
Eleanor Blythe
Emma Lillian
Fiona Marigold
Grace Valentina very pretty
Greta Felicity
Hannah Rosemary
Ivy Melisande
Isadora Lavender
Josephine Iris
June Elowen
Katherine Azalea
Lydia Constance
Lucinda Carmen
Laurel Maisie
Michaela Ruth
Morwenna Faith
Morgana Celeste
Marie Guinevere
Madeline Lilac
Matilda Hope
Opal Harriet
Paige Juliana
Ruby Anastasia
Rowena May
Sylvie Francesca
Salvatora Lily
Talia Primrose
Scarlett Aurelia
Viviana Pearl
Wilhelmina Daisy
Willa Xanthe
Zara Genevieve

Most of the names and combos are not my style but you do have some very pretty names in there
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