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August 1st, 2009, 04:25 PM
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I'm doing great, still feeling wonderful! I have had company out here with me all week (my BFF and her 12/8/2 yr old!) and so everyday we have been doing LONG LONG walks though zoos, museums, downtown chicago, etc. I have walked about 4-8 hrs a day! I actually have made the kids tired more then me! LOL
Last night i did get a little swelling in my ankles (post an ALL DAY WALK), I have a touch of bloody show (unlike last week where it was one and heavy this time is light but staying!), and about 4am-6am this morning I was awaken by having a couple pressure it looks like things may be getting warmed up and ready!
I THINK I have everything ready for my wonderful soon to be homebirth, but I just have this feeling I'm forgetting something LOL. I'm guessing thats normal. I'm still really loving/enjoying being pregnant but I know when my friends leave tomorrow I will have more time on my hands and the excitement will probably kick in more for baby then for pregnancy! LOL

I have a private labor blog that will be getting update in REAL time during my labor (by me, friend or DH)!!! If your interested in getting access just PM me your email addy and I will send you an invite!!!! COMMENTS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED ON IT---I want my whole women village there with me for support!!!
The reason its private is because I DON'T want some IRL friends and Family to know we are in labor or exactly when baby is born---we have people who just like to "show up" at bad times so we don't want facebook/myspace comments---just this blog please well and any JM stuff
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