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August 2nd, 2009, 12:15 AM
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Dh and I have agreed on these names for a future boy or girl:
Jocelyn Kate or Liliana Kate
Owen Jack Henry

Without Dh's input, our DD1's name would have been just Isabelle instead of Isabella because the former goes better with her mn (that is a family name I just had to use.)

Max Anthony would have been Maxton Anthony or Maximilian Anthony. We both loved Max but I wanted a longer, formal name (for his academic and professional future). Dh didn't like any of the long forms of Max though. (Maxwell doesn't go with our last name and Dh instantly thought of coffee/Maxwell's House everytime he heard it.) I'm not a fan of nicknamey names though. Like we both love Lily, but she would be a Liliana/Lillian/Lilyanna. I like Lucy but would use Luciana. But, out of all the nn names, Max is my favorite one. And, Max Anthony sounds great together.
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