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August 2nd, 2009, 09:21 AM
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Sheesh, it's been over 2 years for me but I STILL have minor issues from the c-section. Ugh.. This is going to come out sounding all wrong, but let me explain. I really hate it that some women have these wonderful recoveries from c-sections. Not that I am not relieved for them, but for the rest of us who don't, we have all this pressure to get back to normal within a few weeks, or days (seriously, way back when I was pregnant and trying to explain to my mom about not wanting to be induced, she told me that my aunt who had a c-section was sitting up in bed the next day). Is there any other major surgery where it's considered normal to send you home within a few days to care for a newborn, and sometimes older children, often entirely on your own because your husband has to go back to work?

LOL.. I guess I had to get that off my chest. Anyone else need the soapbox?

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