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August 2nd, 2009, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by mgm78 View Post
Michelle- i TOTALLY agree. I get really irritated by women who tout their c-sections and rave about them. How great it was they avoided childbirth and how easy it was and how their recovery was fast. Or women who are jealous of mine. It is not something to covet.

Also, I wonder how active these women were PRIOR to their c-section and how much help they had at home after it. Being a super active person prior to the section, it killed me that i sat on a couch for two weeks, where another woman may think it is like a vacation! I know a few women who felt that way with their hospital stays. They loved doing nothing and being waited on. So not my personality.
Me too!! I remember my husband telling me when I was crying that all I was doing was sitting on the couch nursing and watching Lifetime that that was what I was supposed be doing. But at the same time, once I got home from the hospital I didn't have anyone taking care of me when dh went back to work. So I wanted to be able to get up and do more, because I had no one to wait on me. Also, like you I had to go back to work fairly quickly (ended up going back at 10 weeks, which was later than I had planned) because I was self-employed. Plus it seems like the longer you labor, the harder the recovery is. And both of us attempted natural, so it wasn't like we labored relaxing with an epidural either, kwim?

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