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August 4th, 2009, 08:27 AM
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Since I joined last week, I mostly have been frequenting on the large family board but I discovered this board and boy, can I relate.

I am now 17 weeks pregnant and plus sized.

I am 5ft9, size 18 jeans, shirt, usually 1X, and of course, I have managed to carry extra weight from my prior pregnancies around my belly I even got asked once, when I was not pregnant when my next baby was due, and talk about wanting to smack someone Thank God he was an old man and couldn't defend himself And when I was like 9 months along with 2 yo DD, I mentioned my pregnancy to a stranger and she says 'I didn't know your were pregnant, I thought you were just very chubby'.

Anyways, I read over alot of your posts and felt alot of your pain, and happiness too though

The pain being when people do not notice you're pregnant. I went and posted pregnancy shots on my Facebook and two people unknowingly made mean comments. One insisted I get an ultrasound because she swears there HAS to be twins in there (nevermind I have had already three u/s) and one said something to the effect of 'WOW, you're going to have a big baby'.

After two miscarriages, I am happy to finally be having another baby, but wish I could get the recognition and notice that other pregnant women get.

How do ya'll cope there? Thanks in advance!
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