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August 4th, 2009, 09:50 PM
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I want to name a son after my two grandfathers who've both past away - it would most likely be a middle name - potentially with Kaidyn as a first name...

their names are:
Frank Warrington John
James Rennie

can anyone think of a name (or even make a name), that combines part of one name, of each of them? for example (but I wouldn't use this name) Warren (WARrington RENnie)

I have liked the name Kaidyn Warrington-James for a long time, but it feels too long (even if Gaby's name is Gabrielle Jayda-Leigh)

I'm thinking maybe I'm thinkin tooooooooooo much about it & there is an obvious name I haven't thought about....

Even if it seems weird or outlandish, let me know....


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