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August 5th, 2009, 01:52 PM
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I tried to BF all 3 of my kids. The first I had a lot of latching issues and he would scream like he was starving all the time so I started pumping. My supply dwindled quickly and by 2.5 weeks I had to stop because he wasn't getting enough. I would pump for 30 minutes and not even get 1 full ounce with a hospital grade pump!

With #2 He was a biter. He would clamp down when latching and suck through his clenched gums. it was sooo painful. I was in agony plus I was a single parent at the time with a newborn and 4 year old, my husband was gone with the Military until #2 was 4 months old. I agonized over the decision to stop, but I hated feeding him, I would cry every time it got close to feeding time. My nipples were bleeding and bruised, I was so miserable. My MIL told me that all her kids were FF and they are all just fine. That #2 would be fine too. I think the big reason so many BF women keep at it even when they don't want to is the insane pressure to do it.

With this one I stopped because of the pain again. He was not latching right. I had a huge hole (not bleeding) in the side of my nipple. I saw 4 LC's and I just could not get it right at home. It was to the point I was crying between feeds at the thought of having to feed him, I would scream in pain every time he latched and be sobbing through the whole feeding. I just could not do it anymore.

They say BF is a natural wonderful thing and I am sure it is for some people, but it was not for me. It was a source of great stress and something that every time I did it made me very depressed over my inability to 'get it right'.
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