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August 5th, 2009, 07:28 PM
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Luke Andrew
****I loved the name Luke, and didn't realize it was popular because I'd never known of or met a Luke that wasn't on TV. His name was almost Elias, but I really dislike Eli, and that's what my MIL kept telling people his name was going to be. So we picked Luke. I got both names from the Bible (NOT for Star Wars ). I like the Biblical Luke, and I like that the name is strong and masculine, and won't be nick named.
****Andrew is DH's name. His middle name was going to be Allen, after my grandfather that I never met (more for my mom than anything), and I decided at the last minute to change it to Andrew. Literally the last minute - Andy had to turn the "ll" into an "n" on the birth certificate.

Lauren Alexandria
We were going to name her either Alexandria Rhiannon or Ariadne Alexandria. I'd suggested Lauren a few weeks before she was born, but neither DH nor I were particularly crazy about it. Then we saw her, and I thought she was a Lauren, and DH thought she was a Lauren - before we knew what the other was thinking, we'd picked the same name. So Lauren it was. I loved Ariadne too much to put it in the middle name slot, so we went with Alexandria. DH picked Alexandria, and I'm not sure what he loves about it.. I just know he knew a little girl with the name and really like the girl.
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