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August 5th, 2009, 08:46 PM
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Isabella Alica
FN - About a year before I got pregnant, I suggested it to Dh and he instantly fell in love with it. He wanted to call her by the nn Bella. I love all the nn potential the name even if she hates her name at one point or another in her life (like most people do), she can go by Isa, Izzie, Belle, Bella, Ella, Elle, Ellie, Isabelle. And honestly, I can't believe how popular it is on the SSA list. In 4 years, I've heard of 2 others (I don't know them. I just came across them in public.) One is 12 years older than my DD and the other was about 6 years. And, most of my family and friends have told me she is the only Isabella they know.
MN - is after my mom's twin sister who was like a 2nd mom to me before she passed away when I was 14 years old. I'm not a fan of the spelling though. I have no idea why my grandma spelled it that way. I asked her once and she couldn't even remember how it was spelled, let alone why she spelled it that way.

I'm not a fan of Isabella and Alica together though. Too many -uh sounds. But, each name on its own was a must. I tried to talk Dh into Isabelle Alica because it sounds much better but he wouldn't budge.

Max Anthony
FN - Dh and I just loved it. I wish we could have found a long, more formal version that we liked and used Max as a nn. But, the names either did not go well with our last name or Dh just didn't like them.
MN - is FIL's first name

And, I love how well Max Anthony goes together.
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