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August 5th, 2009, 09:09 PM
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Alyssa Kapri
I swear the name Alyssa chose me or her, LOL! I actually didn't want that to be her name and drove myself CRAZY trying to think of something else but I kept coming back to it and the name set my mind at ease and I knew it was hers
Her nn was supposed to be Aly but she just wasn't an Aly, actually I called her Elsa from birth to about 4 then she outgrew it and has been our Lyssa ever since.
Kapri-was the ex's idea, I wanted Lynae but he wouldn't go for it *shrug*. I swear I had never heard of Capri pants or Capri Sun until after she was born.

Coleman Scott
Coleman was my maiden name, Scott is Dh's middle name. We both LOVE the nn Cole. It's just the perfect name for us and my DS

Emmalyn Sharlise Faith
The second I found out I was pg I told dh it would be an Emma, but he was hesitant. Finally he consented as long as it was Emmalyn. We had research his family tree and found a Emmeline, changed it up a bit because we thought it would be eaiser for people to spell and pronounce correctly.
Sharlise is after my Mom, Sharleen, I had a hard time w/ the sh spelling.
Faith was added because at the 20 wk u/s, they "thought" they discovered abnormal brain development. I promised the Lord I wouldn't lose Faith in him and 20 wks later delivered a perfect lil girl

Lucas Alton
I really wanted a name that sounded good w/ Coleman/Cole. Lucas was a perfect fit and I LOVED the meaning.
Alton was supposed to be after DH's decease gpa and we wanted to surprise his family by not telling them the name until he was born. Imagine our surprise when we found out he's gpa's mn was actually Alphaeus We stayed w/ Alton, LOL!

Isabel Natasha
There are soooo many Isabel/Belle's on both my side and Dh's side of the family, we just had to use it. I love how significant it is to us.
Natasha was another one of those names that I feel like chose us, LOL! We went to the hospital w/ a long list of possible mn's cause we couldn't decide and NONE of them felt right to us after meeting her. So I did a baby name search (can't remember which site) and there was a poll in a sidebar on the name Natasha. I looked up the meaning and found that it meant Born on Christmas and that was it, we were sold!

If anyone actually read all of this then you deserve a cookie for your patience,
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