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August 6th, 2009, 05:49 AM
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Miles Paul

- Where you got the name from: I had a dream where I was picking up a blond haired blue eyed baby boy named Miles from his crib, when I woke up I told DH that I had his name picked. Paul is DH and FILs name.
- What you like about the name: I like that you don't hear it too often and I have yet to meet another in person, I also think it ages really well.

Rhys Alexander

- Where you got the name from: We had the hardest time coming up with his name since my DH has such different taste than I do. A friend suggested Reece, and I mentioned it to him but told him I liked the traditional spelling better and he agreed. Alexander is just a name I've always liked that sounded good lol
- What you like about the name: Again, that I haven't met many Reese/Reece/Rhys's

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