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August 6th, 2009, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by luvmyfamily View Post
Lucas David Alexander - DH and I had the hardest time agreeing on a name. Finally, one day, DH suggested Luke. It was kind of a joke, b/c he's a Star Wars geek, LOL, and didn't think I would actually go for it. But I liked it. I told him though that his full first name would be Lucas, not just Luke. He was fine with that. David is DH's name and also my uncle's name who passed away in 2004. Alexander we loved and did not want to budge from. It went from Luke Alexander to Lucas Alexander to Lucas David Alexander. I love his name. I think it's incredibly strong and suits him perfectly!!

Laylah Grace Tonimae - Laylah we had picked out when I was pregnant with Lucas. We just never fell out of love with it. We actually had about 5 names we were deciding between. Dh left it up to me, and it was harder than naming Luke. I absolutely fell in love with Laylah, but it was hard to get passed the whole Luke and Laylah sound. Laylah sounds so similar to Leia, and remember DH loves Star Wars. The ryhming was coincidence. Grace, I loved and it was almost her first name. Tonimae is a combination of DH's Aunt Toni who passed away from cancer years ago. She meant a lot to him. Mae my grandma's mn. We lost her to cancer in May. I love her name! I think it's beautiful and fits her perfectly.

I love that both of their names are incredibly meaningful!
I have to say that I've always wondered where Tonimae came from and I assumed it was a Native American name (I have been pronouncing it Tohn-uh-may) I like it. Do you pronounce it Tony-mae?
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