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August 6th, 2009, 09:35 AM
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Cohen Peter

Cohen we got from the Internet, some baby name website. We knew instantly that if the baby was a boy, we'd use it. Peter is after my dad and maternal grandfather. My dad's middle name is also Peter, and my maternal grandfather's name is Pedro but he always went by Pete.
Abram Eli
Abram we also found on a baby name website. I loved it at first, and DH was kinda eh about it, the we reversed roles and now we both love it. We didn't want to name this boy something too common because Cohen is so unusual. I looked at Hebrew names because I tend to LOVE them for whatever reason. Eli is DH's middle name. It was his turn to honor his family in the baby's middle name and I wouldn't let him use william or benjamin, so we decided his mn sounded best.
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