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August 7th, 2009, 03:45 PM
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How it happened:

"Mrs. M******, I need to speak with you."
"Okay, what's up Doc?"
"Sit down, maybe?"
*I sit down on the hard cold metal stool*
"You are expecting"

(clang, clang, boom)

I fell off the stool. Mind you, I am separated. Only one step from a finalization on my divorce. And after more than 3 years of suffering from repeated pregnancy loss and a stillbirth, I get pregnant when we DON'T WANT to have a baby together! Yes, I know what happens when you have sex. I know the chances. I was on Sprintec BCP. I had sex with my (for lack of better word) DH....ONE DARN TIME! Oh, and WE PULLED OUT!!!! Is this really happening?

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not mad. I'm just nervous, in shock, and whatever other words you can place in this sentence pertaining to not planning on finding out I'm pregnant. I spent months upon months trying to get pregnant, trying to be able to carry my pregnancies to fullterm. And now....when I have resigned any hopes and dreams, and decided to PREVENT pregnancy to protect my heart from being broken any more than it has been in the past, I get pregnant. Simply pregnant. My poor child's father does not want this baby. I'm in the middle of the divorce process. We already signed a dissolution.

Based on LMP I am 4wks4days? Last cycle was July 6th. So that estimates that ovulation occurred on the 20th? Yes, that's right. Guess when I had sex???? Anyone. Oh yeah, the 19th.
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