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August 7th, 2009, 06:21 PM
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Totally a lurker & I absolutely love my girls' names, they fit them perfectly.

Arianna (AIR-ee-on-uh) Aleise
During my pregnancy I read an article in Parenting Magazine about a little girl named "Ariana" I immediately fell in love with it & searched it online. I liked the look of the spelling with 2 "n" so we went with that version. Her middle name is Aleise. Her great-grandmother had suggested the middle name "Alesia" but Arianna Alesia did not flow. So we went searching for a something similar & discovered the spelling Aleise (Elise) & loved it.
We pronounce her name AIR-ee-on-uh not "R" that causes some trouble for her, or they'll call her R-ee-ANN-uh

Natalie Jaide With Natalie we simply could not agree on a name we liked. I really wanted to name her Helena but no one else liked it. So her dad & I each chose 1 name we liked. I liked Natalie & he liked "Jade". So we put the 2 together & Natalie Jade sounded better than Jade we went with it. I liked the spelling "Jaide" & I talked him into this spelling.


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