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August 10th, 2009, 09:08 PM
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I have had two natural child births and have enoyed them both! My first one was great being as it was my first child and I did it natural, but the actual details of it stunk!! My doctors were not encouraging of a natural child birth and generally rude. Since having my first child we have moved to the Seattle area and found a great doctor and hospital! My doc was SO encouraging of a NCB! There were no interventions on her part or her staff. The hospital where we birthed has private suites for each couple that included a tub for laboring (you could not give birth in it but I didn't want to so it was ok with me). The hospital gave me so many options for laboring/birthing positions, even offering aroma therapy massage!

Having said all that my doc has since stopped delievering. There are other doctors in here practice that aparently share her veiws and methods, but I don't know that first hand. We are now TTC #3 and am revisting the idea of home birth. I have had two healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies and births so would be an excellent canidate for home birth. DH is on board for NCB and actually has become quite the proponent for it with his friends! But with the situation we have at our hospital he doesn't see the need for home birth. And frankly I don't have any arguments since there is nothing I didn't like about our hospital experience. I would just like to experience a home birth!

I am going to research our midwife options here locally, especially what the insurance covers or not. So we have time to figure it out. Do any of you have any info to tell DH that might help him decide?

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