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August 11th, 2009, 07:59 AM
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Thisbe- I kind of like this
Eurydice (your-IHD-uh-see)- wouldn't use this
Niobe (NYE-oh-be)- not horrible but not a huge fan
Antigone (Ann-TIG-oh-nee or Ann-TIG-uh-nee)- like this one okay
Circe (sir-see)- I like this
Andromeda- not a fan
Ariadne (are-ee-AHD-nee)- not a huge fan but has grown on me since hearing it from you
Gaea (GUY-uh)- kind of like this
Hermione- not a fan
Calliope- I like this only for the nn Calli but don't like the full name
Io (EYE-oh)- too....short
Rhea (REE-uh)- this one is my favorite

Daedalus (DED-uh-lus)- don't care for this one
Agamemnon- I'm sure this one is easy to pronounce but I'm not going to attempt it...not a fan
Cadmus- I like this
Achilles (Uh-KIL-ease)- like this name
Actaeon (ACK-tee-on)- not a fan...don't like the ACK sound....too harsh
Oedipus (ED-eh-pus)- don't care for the story behind this name
Hermes- Is this pro Her-mees or Er-mes?
Theseus (THEE-see-us)- this one is nice
Perseus (PER-see-us)- this one is nice too

Overall if I were to use a name from Greek mythology it would have to be a more common easy to pronounce one...I don't care for many of them.
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