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August 11th, 2009, 12:33 PM
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What is the FIRST thing you do? temp!

Do you shower every morning? Evenings after I get home from the barn

Do you put makeup on? If Im going out to lunch with someone yes, running errands, no

Do your hair? (Air dry, blow dry, curl, straighten..etc) its spike-alicious baby!

Do you eat breakfast? Does drinking a coke count? If I do its peanutbutter toast

Watch the news, or anything on tv? Kiddo's get their TV in the mornings untill nap time

Drive to work? The barn, yes

If you work, do you have to wear business attire or can you dress casual? I can wear jammies if i want!!

Stop anywhere on the way Depends on if I need to get cigarettes and a soda or not, once in a while i hit the starbucks drive thru!
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