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August 11th, 2009, 07:18 PM
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Before you chose your LO's name, did you have any other names in mind? For Alaina she was going to be Delilah for most of my pregnancy, then we had Delaney picked out for a while before finally settling on Alaina. For the twins we didn't have any names set in stone, we went with a list for each gender.

What would they have been named if they were the opposite gender? Alaina would have been Cole Oliver. The twins would have probably been Nolan and Bennett or Kieran and Bennett.

What would your name have been if you were the opposite gender? My mom has always said she was glad she had girls because she couldn't find any boys names she really liked. She told me I would probably have been James, after my grandma's brother who was killed in the Korean War.
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