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August 12th, 2009, 12:28 AM
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Before you chose your LO's name, did you have any other names in mind? We had our DD's name - Isabella - picked out a year before I even got pregnant. Dh would not consider anything else. He loved it!
For my 1st trimester, we had Owen Anthony picked out for our son. But, by the 2nd trimester we had his name picked out - Max Anthony. We had also considered Jake and long forms of Max.

What would they have been named if they were the opposite gender? We never fully settled on a boy's name for Isabella. We stopped searching for one when we found out she was a girl at 20 weeks. Up to that point, we had considered Julian, Sebastian, and Logan.
For Max, we considered Sophia, but later in the pregnancy we liked Liliana "Lily".

What would your name have been if you were the opposite gender? Chad (ick, I'm not a fan) Luckily, by the time they had my brother 17 months later, my parents were tired of the name and didn't use it.
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