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August 12th, 2009, 09:50 AM
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Discipline is a very important part of my every day life. Biblically based discipline, and from having had gotten to know you ladies, I know it's important to you too. I try to focus on not only correcting the behavior, but by focusing on the issue of my child's heart. The root of the word is Disciple- which doesn't mean to react to behavior as it happens. This is why I don't use timeouts, because as I watch my friends use them, I see them only being used when a child has gotten annoying and the parent doesn't want to deal with them. For me- the heart of discipline is communication.

I found this resource today, and thought I'd share it with you. It's in PDF form, to be printed and used daily (in this situation, a homeschool). Her child shares it with Daddy when he gets home.

It comes from the Totschool blog.

She also suggests the following books:

Creative Correction- which I probably wouldn't use just by the title and

Parenting is Heart Work- which, just by the title, I love.

Both of them have good reviews on Christian Books.

I use Shepherding a Child's Heart. The author presents biblical spanking (not hitting your child just because your angry or irritated- he calls that child abuse) as "God's Way" to deal with children. The entire first half is about communication. I use it, and I have to tell you- it works. I suggest it to people all the time, and am used to the eye rolling and objections- even with own members of my church.

I wanted to share the PDF and ask about Christ centered parenting books you've found useful and would recommend to anyone who were trying to raise kids God's Way.
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