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August 13th, 2009, 02:19 PM
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My oldest has a name that isn't common at all anymore - Scott (#322 for 2008 social sec list). He starts Monday so I am not sure if there are any other Scott's in his class, but there probably won't be. It can be really confusing when your child shares a name with others in the class. My middle child is Wyatt. We don't know any other Wyatt's but I'm sure there will be some in school as it's #62 for 2008. IT was number 82 when we picked it, but it's gotten more popular since then. At least I used it before it got too popular instead of jumping on the bandwagon lol. There are not any Phoebe's in the entire elementary school. I asked the librarian. So that's good. Hopefully she'll be the only one!
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