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August 13th, 2009, 08:17 PM
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My daughter's name is the "ultra-popular" Isabella. In the last 3+ years, we've heard of two others (they were being called by their moms in the store). One was 5-ish years older than my DD and the other was 10-ish years older than my DD. All my family and friends have told me my Isabella is the only one they know except for my sister. Her friend in New York has a niece named Isabella. Izzie will not start preschool until next year but given the number of Isabellas that were born in the state of Kansas the year she was born, it's statistically very unlikely she will have another Isabella in her class. So, no, I don't think it's too popular in our area.

My son is only a year old but I've never met or heard of another Max. There were 50 Maxes born in our whole state last year. So again, I don't think there will be another in his grade, let alone in his class.

KesKes was right in that popular names are not how they were back in the 80's and before. There aren't going to be 5 Emilys, 5 Jacobs, and 5 Isabellas in every class like there were Jennifers, Jessicas, and Michaels in the 80's. There is a much wider range of names being used nowadays.
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