Topic: Too many A's?
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August 13th, 2009, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Christen View Post
I Love Arabella. I personally think the two A's in Arabella makes the third A in Kira too much.

I especially wouldn't put a mn ending in the -uh sound with Arabella because there are already two syllables of the -uh sound in Arabella. I love Arabella I'd keep it and try to find a different mn.

Although I must admit I did it with my own DD. We were in love with the name Isabella, so it was a must. And, I *had* to name my DD after my mom's twin sister who was like a second mom to me. So, her name is Isabella Alisa. FOUR -uh syllables! I don't like it but both names were a must. I tried to talk Dh into just Isabelle; but he would not go for it. I sometimes wish I would have pushed harder on that one.

So, I'm speaking from experience Don't do it!
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