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August 16th, 2009, 10:48 PM
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Ok, it's no secret at all, infact, I broadcast my disability hoping for an increase in awareness. I have been looking for ways to manage household chores, and one of the biggest obstacles is mopping the floor.

A bit ago, I opened the fridge and a can of pop fell out on me and exploded all over the floor. It was diet-- and my first in WEEKS {I'm so proud of myself}, so I knew it wouldn't be sticky but it had to be mopped.

So I had an idea. I took the liner thing out of the kitchen sink and filled it with water and some Clorox Natural Floor Solution. I used the sink as a mop bucket and it didn't involve half the agony it usually does.

When I was done, I put bleach in the sink and it's still soaking.

Is this idea totally gross, or does it seem like a viable option to help me deal with the things I can't do??
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