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August 18th, 2009, 04:03 AM
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I can't wait Jess!!! This week I'll probably be just fine, and I hope not to obsess & stress too much next week. Perhaps I'll do what I did before and ignore my chart. I did that before and it really helped decrease my stress as I simply didn't look at it. I'll just let the rest of you ladies do that for me.

As far as how I feel, I'm doing okay. I don't think my body still quite knows what to do with the 2 hormones I'm taking. I'm mainly getting hot flashes (from the progesterone) but do also get very cool at times too (from the estrogen). My nips are so sensitive, which has happened before from the progesterone but it's been a few months since I've had that "lovely" side effect. I can barely stand it at night when I'm in my nightgown without a bra and even the bed hurts them. DH just laughs at me - he's such a brat. I POAS this morning just to check on the trigger, and it's completely gone. Yay!!! Now if I do end up testing, I'll know that it is a real BFP and not from the trigger. I'm not sure yet if I will test before the blood test. I'll see how I feel next week and decide then.

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