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August 19th, 2009, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by snlemon View Post
okay so is it really subjective as to how much that affects a person? Like, is it almost garunteed that fertility will return now that I went that long without nursing and he's been sleeping overnight? Or is it still probable I'll continue without fertility returning but since you just never know it's not effective as bc anymore...

if that makes sense.
No, it doesn't automatically mean your fertility is going to return right now. It just means you can't rely on the 98% of LAM anymore. Instead of being covered by LAM, you have to confirm breastfeeding infertility through daily charting. You might still have several months of BF infertility, or you might return to fertility right away. It can go either way once LAM is over. Each baby is different, because each one suckles differently. I've fully nursed 4 of mine and returned to fertiltiy as early as 3 months (conceived) and as late as 7 months. Once LAM is over, it's simply time to begin charting CM for 2-4 weeks to see if you have a Basic Infertile Pattern or if you're showing signs of fertility already. It's pretty common for nursing Moms to have an unchanging infertile discharge, which is what the Basic Infertile Pattern is. To be confident about telling the different between infertile discharge and fertile mucus, it really helps to have a teacher because that part can be a bit confusing when you're first trying to figure it out. Each woman is unique, so your patterns of fertility/infertility can be quite different from another woman's patterns.
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