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April 18th, 2006, 09:35 PM
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Megan, I have a disneyland Ex husband- it sucks! Everything you're describing about food/displine etc. I do feel bad for you, but I'm going to remind you that your step son isnt your equal- he is a child. The way you refer to him as "the child" and say "I don't give a d*mn. I couldn't care less if he succeeds or fails. " is *really* waving HUGE RED flags to me. You sound like an evil step mother, but I know you're not.
I really recommend you take a child development class, AND a child psychology class. You dont seem to understand him, or want to understand him. He is the baby of the person you love, your son's brother, he is a child, he is not an adult.
Besides taking childhood education courses, I recommend you take him to a phychologist with you- family session. It does sound like he has mental illness, I never like it when children are medicated- it messes with their growing brain- their neurotransmitters dont fire off like they would normally, etc. Its just awful.
Please try to look at him as your own child, not a problem that you're dealing with, putting up with. I think a lot of the problems are caused by his mother, she sounds EXTREMELY IMMATURE and selfish. She doenst have her son as her priority.
Is there anyway you guys can get him monday- friday, you guys can provide the stability he needs. You need to find techniques on disciplining children with short attention did he get his brain injury? Does anyone hit him? Do people pinch him? Where does he get his abusive tendencies?

Just so you know, my dd started hitting all by herself- there is absolutely no hitting in the house, so some kids just start hitting when they are little- but grow out of it. Little kids are like little animals, they rely on smell, touch, movement for communicating and understanding- specially when they cant talk yet, cant express their emotions.

Id like to help you as best as I can, it is really difficult having the patience to deal with this when you're so young. But we all have our challenges....

Oh another thing, maybe you can add a ticker with his age, etc to your know, really try to think of him as yours....just a thought
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