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August 20th, 2009, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ShawnaCAN View Post

Lots of guys are skeptical at first (heck, lots of women are too!) I would highly recommend having him attend an NFP class with you, so he can see the science of it for himself. Ask him if he'd be willing to do that so you can make this decision with ALL the accurate information about it. Taking the class doesn't mean you have to commit to NFP, it can just be part of the research you do before making up your minds. To be confident with NFP, it's really important to learn it thoroughly anyway and that's something couples should do together. The information will be useful to you because you can use it both ways, to avoid or to achieve pregnancy when you are ready.

Also, does your DH know that the IUD causes early miscarriages? It doesn't just prevent pregnancy, but it also interrupts pregnancy if conception happens to occur. It irritates the lining of the uterus so that the baby can't implant and is flushed out with your next period. Is he ok with that? That's something you should be sure to discuss.
That's a big reason why I'm against an IUD is because of that! Lots of medical ppl say it just irritates the sperm but I knew better! My best friend in high school, her mom got pg with an IUD so it's not impossible.. I'll have to see if we have any classes in our area (we live in a small town) but at the least get both of us educated on it!
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