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August 22nd, 2009, 05:09 PM
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I never have baby fever, my youngest cured me, which is a good thing because dh would maybe possibly be game for a 6th, but not likely.
My 4th was a preemie so I was scared of a repeat with #5, I found it really hard being pregnant with 4 other children to look after (I know a lot of you do it, and I managed but I wouldn't want to do it again), my labor and delivery was torture, the baby was colicky and demanding, and then turned into the most challenging toddler. She's been so worth it, but I have no desire to do it over again. Plus, this year I have started to feel like I am remembering who I am besides a mom, and am enjoying having just a bit more freedom, and I just find it easier to manage all around and be a bit more involve in our farm with dh.
I am thrilled to bits to have 2 more nieces or nephews coming next year though, I can't wait to hold them!!
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