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August 23rd, 2009, 10:18 AM
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I just keep thinking about Laurie and her husband today, and little Declan. I feel like I'm in shock.

I read Bonnie's update on FB and started panicking thinking she MUST be talking about another Laurie.... I ran over here and felt slammed with a wall. I saw her post about being concerned but I thought for SURE the doctor would just confirm that everything was okay. I just CANNOT believe she's going through this again, I just want to cry for her.

It's not FAIR. I know it's not fair, I know life's not fair, but ***!!!!! This is the best group of girls I've ever known and we keep getting the short end of the ****** stick, *** gives!!!!

And her doctor not seeing her for two friggin weeks is RIDICULOUS. I realize that she was early on, that there's not a lot they can do, but come ON now. When a mother is upset, they need to see her NOW. I don't care what they think. If nothing's wrong then the mother feels better; if something's wrong then maybe they can DO something about it. Oh it makes me angry.

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