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August 25th, 2009, 05:07 AM
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What I learned that Manda actually mentioned was the fact that there are people, neighbors really, who don't believe in Satan. I know, I obviously don't get out much if I didn't already know that, huh? Anyway, our church runs a private Christian school M-F & our school head master is a part of my Bible study group & told us the story of Open House... One of the teachers comes out & starts talking about the church, "We Believe in the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, the one & true living God", "We believe He created everything", "We believe Satan is real & tries to steal, kill, & destroy"... she said that when they get to that statement about Satan, EVERYONE just has a stunned look or starts giggling & will look at each other like "did they just say THAT". IDK, her story just amazed me b/c I have always believed in God & Satan even before I gave my life over to Jesus.

I feel the same as most of you... I believe in Satan. IDK that I believe Christians use it as an excuse. I believe He is real so if someone says it is Satan I think that there is a strong possibility that it IS Satan. I do believe he attacks both... Believers & non-Believers but I also believe, like Jo, that he attacks Believers most & hardest.

One of my friends in Bible study actually said something to the effect that she believes the lost are Satan's play toys while Believers are his enemies. The lost are already on Satan's side so why mess with them too much... he just plays with them while Believers are doing God's work so he HATES us & attacks us fiercely & tries to destroy us. Kinda scary, huh? I guess it shouldn't be TOO scary since after all Jesus is with us, protecting us! Praise the Lord!

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