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August 25th, 2009, 10:39 PM
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I know that I have posted a while back about my crazy situation with my inlaws! Well we are still going to court for visitation. Let me recap--My MIL has always been a little batty however, she lost it in August 08" and when my dh went to help out the situation told my DH that he wasn't her son anymore and to get out of her house. He looked at her and said "I hope you mean it this time because you will never say it to me again" well months of crappy things being said to us, without us responding- we had to file bankruptcy to get out of a co-owned house- move to a new place and spend thousands of dollars on lawyer fees because they are sueing us for money and visitation of the baby, dh wants nothing to do with them. He states that they will never treat our son like that.

But I happend to mention to my DH today that if only she would get help then maybe his parents could be in Donovins life. He blankly looked at me and said-never, I want nothing to do with them!!

Now my question is--do I just give up hope and support his decision or do I keep trying to get him to want to see his parents?

Mind you I have the personality of always trying to fix everything. My mom says some things can't be fixed...but is this really one of them?
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