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August 26th, 2009, 02:24 AM
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hmmm. tricky one. some time you need time to sort through things. since this is your DHs problem, your priority is to support him. he is the one who ultimately needs to make the decision. speaking as a person with a family history of mental issues, you cant really force someone to get help. in other words, if she isnt looking for it now, do you honestly think by you telling her she will just cotton on and think its a great idea? chances are it will be more vicious than ever.

build some boundaries to them and their issues or it will infiltrate your marriage and your son's sense of security. this is a great time to work on your issue of feeling like you have to fix things. some things cant be fixed. some things need time. nothing is forever - even a fight. but you have to protect yourself and your family and for that you need boundaries..........

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