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August 26th, 2009, 08:55 AM
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Okay, so theres some background history to this story. It is long but I promise its good...

DH and I both drive 30 plus miles to RN school (me) and work (him). My car is a 2001, and his is a 1996.

So, obviously we needed more reliable vehicles. One night a few weeks ago, I had a lucid dream (knew I was dreaming but couldnt wake up). In the dream, I was standing there looking at my old car wondering what to do with it, and God's voice clearly said, "Give it to someone who doesn't have one." In the dream I had another car already. Then the dream ended, it only lasted about 10 seconds. I just KNOW that was my answer, because I had been praying and wondering what to do with it. The first person I thought of was a girl named kayla that I know. Her and her husband have a baby, but no car. Her husband has really bad heart problems (only 21 yrs old) and can't drive or work. They are having a ton of problems right now. I still only 2k on it. So I made a deal with God and I said, "okay, if You will give me the money to pay off my car and still be able to get another car, I'll do it."

ANYHOW, I will be getting my financial aid for this semester in the next week. Part of it Thursday and part next week. I still didn't have enough money to buy a NEW car and then pay off my old car. So I was getting kind of down.

Well here comes the good part. DH and I have been living off practically no money because hes military and his orders got messed up and we will get paid on the 28th (friday) and on the 1st (tuesday). So, even though its been hard, and he was supposed to get one over 2 weeks ago, we've made it by. So, now we will be getting a whole months worth in less than a week, not to mention my financial aid which is around 3k. I had been asking God to give me a more specific dream, because I had no idea who to give the car to, and thats only if I could pay mine off and still afford to buy another which didnt seem likely at the time.

I came home from school the other day and picked my daughter up at daycare and was feeling kinda down, because I had so many decisions and not enough money to go around. I came inside the house, set my books down, and I turned around and my mom, great aunt, great uncle, and grandma were here. Mind you, they live over 30 miles away, so I didnt know what was going on.

They are all smiles, and said, "come outside, we have a surprise!!" So, I did, and there was nothing there. So I kept walking to the driveway, and out by the road there was a 2005 (looks brand new and I thought it was) Toyota Camara Solara SLE with a big bow on it. Looks exactly like that but dark blue. I immediately started bawling! Not just crying either, boohoo'ing. I have never had anything big bought for me, and it was an answer to prayer! I was silently thanking God on the inside and bawling on the outside. Even if I had gotten another car, it wouldn't have been much nicer than the one I have. This car is seriously plush. My great aunt and uncle said that they worry about me so much, they just decided to buy me a nice reliable car. My great aunt doesn't do cheap either, so its a very nice car inside.

So, now I have a car that looks brand new, gets 30 mpg, and plenty of money left over to buy my car. I keep feeling like kayla is the one I should give it to, so I called her MIL Rose(my moms best friend) and told her what God had told me to do, and that I was for sure doing it but not to spoil the surprise. Kayla and her family live with Rose, and Rose's husband supports all 5 of them by himself. She was like, "OH MY GOSH that is such an answer to prayer!! I guess God just talks to some people." Shes a very Christian woman, so Im not really sure what she meant by that because I believe God talks to everyone.

Anyway, so thats the plan. I have to get my financial aid before I can pay it off, but then I'm going to wash my older one that looks like this but gray.

I asked God for a plan, and He gave me a car instead. And now I'm fortunate enough to have the means to help someone else. God is good!
"What I do today must be important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it."
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