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August 26th, 2009, 12:27 PM
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Havent been on in a while. Ever since we got our kitten Bengal Sabre things have been a bit hectic plus DH took a week off from work and we spent a bit of time just relaxing and forgetting about the everyday things we normally do. Ive been avoiding getting on here because I decided not to try too hard this month. I have to look at the calendar to figure out what day of my cycle Im on, and Im not temping or charting at all. Though Im pretty sure I havent O'd yet. Probably soon though! Im not too worried about it. Im putting it in God's hands from here on out. If I dont get pregnant by the time we hit cycle 12 Ill go to the doctor. But I just have a feeling that God is teaching us patience by making us wait. And the longer it takes the more time we have to prepare so Im finally what you could call patient. It will happen when it happens. And there is nothing I can do to change that. I have started to change my attitude around and it has been better for my relationship with my husband God and will be for our future babies. Now my husband just needs to try a little harder to get on track with things. He did manage to get a promotion, but he has to take classes before he actually gets a raise or anything. Hopefully the classes will be short termed because it would be nice to actually have some extra money to put towards savings. DH's parents house is being built right now in Alaska, and they are saying they are moving for sure next summer or the spring after, depending on how things pan out. Im hoping for the spring after. I want my baby to have a small part of washington. I will miss this state. No matter how much I complain about the rain and crappy weather I was born in this city, grew up in this city and it is going to be hard to leave here and not get to completely share that home with my children. We will visit especially since my parents live here, but it is going to be hard for me. Seth will love it, and it will make him happy. But Im just not so sure yet how I will feel. Im excited to move but at the same time. Living here for 22 years puts strain on things and Im not sure how happy I will be once the move has actually happened...

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