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August 27th, 2009, 02:27 PM
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Hi ladies. Its not good. not good at all.

Joey's disease has progressed again. The lung lesions are bigger, the liver is affected again. This isn't working. We meet with the doctors tomorrow and Joey will be admitted Monday for FULL SALVAGE. He will be inpatient for a long time. he will need blood, platelets. Some kids on this treatment need them 2x a day.

We are down but we are NOT defeated. Joey will beat this.

We are arranging some fundraisers for a CURE. One will be a online Pampered Chef party next month. Please, consider supporting the HAA and research towards a cure for Joey. He needs it, our family needs it.

Please keep us in prayers, this treatment is very toxic and dangerous, but it is our only option now.

I will be separated from DH and my big kids during this time. Please pray our marriage holds up through this.
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