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August 29th, 2009, 08:14 AM
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Hey mama can I please get a couple new blinkys in the larger size like the ones I have i my sigy (if possible of course)

first one can it please say Look out world I'm turning One!! Oliver Thomas 16th of September 2008 in the colors of blue and brown if you could put little stars in there somehow like in the colors of blue and brown that would be really cool but if not thats fine it'll be perfect either way I am sure

The second one ...I'm just a Uber crunchy hippie-at-heart mama doing what I feel is best for my kidlets... colors? hmm idk go with whatever you think will work and
idk where you would put the blinks in that one but I trust you'll do an awesome job thanks a bunch love!!

♥ Isla Rae Due August 28th

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