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August 29th, 2009, 05:21 PM
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Im not a teen anymore, but Im typing my story for anyone who wants to read, because I was a teen mom

I met a guy when I was 16, and got pregnant with my daughter Hailee just a few mo after dating him. I know it was quickly, and I was scared when i found out. My aunty tried to tell me I wasnt havn this baby, and i just cried in my bdrm saying to the baby inside me that i would have it, and never think of abortion or adoption.

Anyways, Im making this story kinda short, cuz Im not one for writing long stories.
I did end up having Hailee at age 17, all natural labor for about 14 hrs from the time I was 4 cm dialated and she was 7 lb 6 oz. I was togther with her dad for a year after that, but left him due to the abuse situation I was in with him ( Thats a whole nother story in the abuse survivor threads).. which i went and got full custody and a restraining order at 19. Its the best for her.

Now I have the closest relationship with my beautiful daughter, and couldnt ask for more. I was a single mom all those years with her, but had a couple long term bfs.. one for 2 years another for 3. ANd now ive ben with my bf currently for 2, and we have a baby boy together who is 3 mo going on 4 mo.

I guess long story short, being a teen mom was a bit rough, but not too bad. And I dont regret any minute of it. Because even through the hard times, ive learned a lot from it.

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