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August 31st, 2009, 02:25 PM
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Pre-labor started the morning of my birthday, August 16, but by late evening my contractions had spaced out till Tuesday evening to the point that I could no longer talk or move, so my midwife had us come to the birth center and I was dilated to 6cm.

After two hours of walking, bouncing on the birth ball and squatting, I sat in the birthing tub which turned out to be mistake as my labor completely stopped . I was kept over night and sent home when another check showed that I hadn't changed from 6cm.

Back at home, I was shocked when my bag of water broke at 9pm on Wednesday night, as this has never happened with previous pregnancies, so at midnight we bundled the family for the hour long drive, and the cycle started again, painful contractions but little to no change in my cervix.

By Thursday night we had tried everything to get stronger contractions and help baby move further down black/blue cohosh, nipple stimulation, an enema, stripping the membranes and eating hot spicy wings all started painful contractions, just not strong enough to dilate further than 8cm.

At this point they were talking about transfering me to the hospital, so as a last resort we tried the birthing stool, and I would bear down with each contraction, and a hour later I felt the familiar ring of fire, and few pushes later, my baby girl was born, with no tears or swelling to me which had been my fear.

The fun part of it was that the placenta was still pretty high up in my uterus so while she was lying on my stomach, I krept feeling "down there" to figure out the sex since no one said anything, so I mistook her cord for a penis till my midwife congratulated me on my baby girl .

Turns out my bags of water did not completely break, but tore at the top, so her head had recreated a bubble of water and since she was so high up, the bag couldn't be broken and I had to push her down during the contractions.

Introducing my youngest daughter Halia Gigi, born August 21st at 5:29am, 7lb 8oz, 20in tall.

If you made it this far, thank you for indulging me.

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