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August 31st, 2009, 07:18 PM
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Here is our Claire-bear

The morning of December 13th I woke up and did not feel good at all. I thought that maybe I was about to go into labor because I had been having false labor all week long as well ( I was due on the 27th). I went through the whole day not feeling well and just laying on the couch, I tried going on a walk thinking it would kickstart something, but nothing other than the random ctrx I had been having all week. By 7:00pm I had noticed that I hadn't felt her move all day long. I called into the L&D and they said I could come in to be monitored.
We got to the hospital and they hooked me up and we heard the heartbeat right away-RELIEF! After about 45 minutes there was no movements and they saw that I had a few ctrx where her heartrate dropped each time. They called in my dr. he came and tried to get baby to respond and move. He said that it could be nothing but he had that strong feeling that maybe we should get her out of there.

At 1:55am they pulled out my very white and very limp baby. It was the scariest sight I have ever seen. They didn't know what was wrong so I didn't even get a chance to look at her because they started working on her right away. I kept trying to look back and see what they were doing as DH tried to keep me calm. I remember thinking to myself- She is alive, I just heard her heartbeat, she HAS to be alive-. As each minute passed by I waited and waited to hear the newborn scream, but there was nothing. DH said the pedictrician continued working on her and they all kept looking at the clock and he had this dreaded feeling they were going to call time of death. Finally 15 minutes later we hear a very weak, but audible baby cry. After they got her breathing they whisked her off to continue doing tests to figure out what was wrong. My dr said my placenta was healthy, he didn't see any meconium, or anything out of the ordinary. In 16 years he had never seen anything like this.

As they were stitching me up they came in looking for the umbilical cord because they needed more blood. They had discovered that she had a hemoglobin of 3.6 and in a normal baby it is supposed to be around 14! She was severly anemic somehow. They were amazed that she was alive and that her body wasn't even in shock from the huge loss of blood.
The pedicatrician came in and said that they were going to have to take Claire to the hospital an hour away with the best NICU so she could get blood transfusions as well as all the other treatment she needed. I spent a lot of time thinking to myself and praying. Where was my baby? Why God had this happened? I didn't sleep much that night and I called continually to check up on my baby.

They eventually found out that I had a really rare thing happen called Spontaneous Fetal Maternal Hemmorage. My dr said he had to pull out all his medical books to find out what it was because he had never seen it before. They tell me that it was just a random thing that happened and it was nothing that I did, but it is still hard to tell yourself that you did everything right when something wrong happens to your baby that you have been carrying for 9 months. What happened was, a blood vessel in the placenta had ruptured and all of her blood was going into me. 6% of my blood when they tested me was Claire's blood.

Needless to say after two days Claire started having seizures at the hospital (we now think it was just because she was so severly anemic at birth). It was just another blow with everything else she was struggling with. She was put on phenobarbital for the first 3 months of her life, which made her sleep alot so that her brain could "heal". They said that when a body loses as much blood as she did the blood that is left goes to the brain and heart to protect those, so everything else starts shutting down. It took three weeks to get her eating the amount that a normal newborn eats because her intestines had "gone to sleep" because of the lack of blood and we had to wake them back up. The drs gave us some very grave news as they said that Claire may always be on a feeding tube for her whole life, she may not do much, etc, etc. It was almost too much to take but we had a strong faith that God has a plan for her life and we had so many people praying for her.
She is now the girl that she is because of those prayers. So far, mentally she is a normal 8 month old, physically she is behind (more like a 6 month old), but the dr.s think with time and a lot of work she may catch up. She has a physical therapist who is working with her as well as TONS of drs continually checking up on her. Even though we have a long road ahead of us my question that I asked God, Why did this happen? Is answered everyday when I look at this beautiful miracle that he has given us, and it makes us that much more grateful.
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