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September 3rd, 2009, 11:07 PM
Gray Sea
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If you were having an argument with someone. The feelings are mutual, you both dislike each other. And they told you "I hate you"...would that bother you? Or if instead of saying that they hate you, they tell you "I don't care that you exist", would that bother you more? And they meant it.

To me, I think it would probably be more upsetting if they said that they didn't care. Because when someone truly hates you, they truly are wasting their energy on you. They actually care enough to hate you, put thought into hating you. You cause an impact when you are brought to their get them riled up. But if they truly don't care...that's like...whatever you do, or say, it won't affect them. So, if I was told that they didn't give a sh*t, and truly meant it...and it's someone I dislike...I would be glad that they don't care, but it would bother me because they truly don't
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