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September 6th, 2009, 08:04 AM
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What a lot of fantastic suggestions!

Day and night are once again equal on the autumnal equinox, but this time this heralds the coming of the darkness, the longer nights and the winter season.

In the natural world, animals are preparing for hibernation through the long winter. In Pagan tradition in keeping with the rhythm of the world, this is a time for reflection on past lessons and cycles as well as what has been achieved in the spring and summer. Harvest festivals are held by some Pagan communities.

Apparently the veil between our world and the fairie realm is at its thinnest at the autumn equinox, so it is a good time to ask fairies for help or try to make contact with the elementals.

I know one way to invite in fairies is supposed to be to hang sprigs of thyme in your window. As my thyme plant is now doing really well I'm thinking of taking some cuttings, getting some ribbon to pretty up a few bundles, and hang them in my living room window.

Some tips for working with the fae at this time of year:

1. Tidy up - spring clean, or should I say "autumn clean"!!! Then invite the fairies into your home, they're more likely to take up the invitation.

2. Do something positive for the environment before asking the fairies for help. They are guardians of the earth and will feel more inclined to help you. Recycling, picking up litter, tending a garden, feeding wild birds, save some energy or water - whatever you can do to make a small contribution to the welfare of the planet. It's a good time of year for collecting rainwater to reuse!!

3. Be generous and honourable towards others. Perhaps consciously do a "good deed" or make somebody smile before approaching the fairies for help.

4. If you want to seek out the fairies, apparently a spot where oak, ash and hawthorn trees grow close by one another is known as a "fairy triad". You can also look out for natural places surrounded in mist, and seek out fairies at bridges, crossroads and on steps.

5. If you need guidance rather than help with a specific situation, close communion with trees can draw the wise tree guardian fairies to you. Leaning against a tree, "tree hugging", doing bark rubbings with your LOs, or taking a walk in a place with lots of trees, will be rejuvenating, as well as allowing yourself to open to their wisdom.

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