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September 7th, 2009, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Doodle View Post
5. What's your favorite labor story? My last labor was my favorite over all- no interventions, minimal time at the hospital laboring. My favorite story to tell is when people ask me about natural labor and I tell them that with my 2nd i stripped off all my clothes, was naked on all 4s howling like a beastie and the nurses were pressed against the wall looking terrified b/c my husband though he should tell them that I bit him during my 1st labor. My doc walked in, snapped her gloves and said "I see we went natural, let's get this kid out" ROFL
That's hysterical!!

Originally Posted by UrbanMomma View Post
5. What's your favorite labor story? All of them were special, even the csections, because they resulted in my beautiful children, but my homebirths are my absolute favorites!!! The last is fantastic!! After #7 was an emergency csection the AWFUL ob in the hospital told me I'd never have a vaginal birth again....hahaha....#8 was a successful homebirth of an 11lb 8 oz baby boy!!!

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